Moldovan Flaviu

Personal Details
Flaviu Moldovan
b.1983, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

European Masters in Interactive Multimedia, Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2009
University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2007

When someone asks me why I make art, I respond by telling that I feel the urge to create something after the endless dialog I’m having with a superior detached self. It’s true, I never take all the credit for the final results of my work; the whole creational process is liberating and comes natural: I’m receiving and transposing everything back into my artworks.

There are some tricks I’ve learned over time that helps me access a visionary state of mind. One of them is listening to a specific type of music. Actually, I’m hearing the pauses between heavy beats, so I create an empty space inside me – there is where the dialog takes place.

In my works, I mix truths that defined me as an artist and pure visionary facts. I grew up in a rich natural environment, somewhere near Transylvania. All my childhood I played outside, especially contemplating the sky full of stars. A bit later, technology has entered my life through Design, Video, Film, Music and Photography, leading me to some new discoveries.

The characters that I’m painting are pure representations of our ancestral inner technology. The mimics of my portraits are perplexed, as they have met an ambiguous future. All these sensations and emotions come from inside a simple man, a peasant facing machines and new dimensions; an archaic I engaged in a full time dialogue with his superior self.

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